Painting “Sleepyhead,” step 3 (fur beginnings)

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Step 3

Keeping the warm color scheme, I’ve moved on to the fur. Again, using a tiny bit of Ultramarine Blue and Cadmium Orange (I combine cadmium Yellow and Cadmium Red for this demonstration), I block in the general areas where the fur is orange. I will add detail later with a liner brush. Sleepy’s eye also gets added, using a mix of cadmium Yellow and Ultramarine Blue.

Painting “Sleepyhead,” step 2 (background)

(Note: If you missed Step 1, you can check it out here.)

Step 2

Using the suggestion of Mikki Senkarik, I work from background to foreground, opting for a warm color scheme throughout the entire piece. Using a mix of Ultramarine Blue and Cadmium Orange (I combine cadmium Yellow and Cadmium Red for this demonstration), Pull strokes up and down in the foreground, intending to show a semi-shiny floor with reflections.

Painting “Sleepyhead,” step 1

Step one of Michael Brugh's oil painting, "Sleepyhead."

Step 1

A new kitty. I liked the reflection of the orange and white cat on the smooth surface, plus the contrast between the warm bright colors and the darker background. I probably put more details in than I needed, but I invariably need more reference after I get started, and having it on the page is better. I can always simplify the drawing during the transfer to canvas.

“Blackie,” step 4 (finis)

Blackie, 6x6, oil, Michael Brugh, artist, 2016

Blackie, 6×6, oil

(Note: Updated with high-resolution scan of the painting. -MB)

Step 4

(Once again, apologies for the slightly out-of-focus photo.)

All done. I will upload a much better image of this painting once it has dried a bit more. I will be including this painting as the first in a series of cat paintings I am working on for C.A.T.S Gallery, in Mobile, AL. (Clever name, huh? It stands for Creative Artistic Treasures Studio.) They have a Facebook page, here, and, if you are in Mobile, AL, would love to have you stop by. Tell Shery that Michael said “Hi!”

“Blackie,” step 3 (fur)

Step 3

Sorry for the slightly out-of-focus photo. (Note to self: buy a decent SLR ASAP!)

Fur is coming along, but I am thinking that the bottom portion of the painting needs a little something. Drama, darkening? Tune in to step 4.


“Blackie,” step 2 (background)

Step 2

I got so caught up in mixing and painting that I finished the background before I remembered to take in-progress photos! Oh well, I am glad I snapped this pic, before I started on the fur. 🙂


“Blackie,” step 1

Step 1

I chose this reference photo because it reminded me of our sweet cat Blackie. The contrast between the background and the fur intrigued me, as well. I decided to simplify the background by removing the railing in my sketch.