Painting “Shimmering Solitude,” step 7

Step 7

Shimmering Solitude, 6x6, oil on canvasPainting “Shimmering Solitude,” step 7: I slowly worked up the reflections, and enhanced all areas of the painting a bit. It’s done! I’ll upload a much better picture once the paint dries a bit more. I just wanted to make sure I completed this step-by-step series.

It’s also available. Just drop me a note if you are interested. Thanks for reading!

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Painting “Shimmering Solitude,” step 6

Step 6

Oil Painting WIP, Shimmering Solitude, artist Michael BrughPainting “Shimmering Solitude,” step 6: I accentuated the darks, and I have begun defining the bow by adding some contrast in the harbor. Keeping it loose, I dabble some general shapes into the horizon below the skyline. Next, I will get serious about the reflections (one of my favorite subjects to paint).

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Painting “Shimmering Solitude,” step 2-5

Step 2

Painting “Shimmering Solitude,” step 2: I’ve added a light wash of cadmium yellow, mixed with a small amount of cadmium red tones the painting. I will follow it up by lightening the sky next.

Step 3

Step 3

Step 3 of my painting “Shimmering Solitude.” I have added a bit of light to the sky and the water reflection, using Permalba white.

Step 4

Step 4, “Shimmering Solitude.” Working in a few details, I’ve mixed up some gray using pthalo blue along with cadmium orange, and now, adding more detail to the sides and shadows.


Step 5

Step 5, “Shimmering Solitude.” Working in some color, I place cadmium red along the superstructure, and deepen some of the shadows.

Of course, the color selection is totally arbitrary; the original had a slightly different color scheme. Artistic license, you know. 🙂

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