The wonder of eternity

Paintsville Lake

Paintsville (Ky.) Lake

I gaze at God’s creation, the setting sun, the billowing clouds, and I start to believe that what I am seeing will never vanish. Always has been there, always will be there. My soul settles down deep into introspection, and travels even deeper into the wonder of eternity.

Then I realize that, as majestic as this scene is, it is nothing compared to what God is. What His eternal being represents. What He has in store for us throughout eternity.

My 3 words for 2015


Chris Brogan has been encouraging his readers and friends to come up with 3 words to describe their goals and intentions during the next year. He cautions against writing out long, drawn-out statements or resolutions, the theory being that we end up making vague statements such as “I am going to exercise more.”

In that light, my 3 words are:

  1. Simplify
  2. Magnify
  3. Multiply

Simplify: Stop expending energy in a dozen different directions, hoping something will stick. Sit down, plan a little, think about what motivates you, fires your passion, and pursue the artists, bloggers, musicians, filmmakers that are doing it the best. Search their “secrets” of success, and begin to develop your own good habits.

Magnify: Once you have settled on your focused goals, magnify your efforts to expose your art, idea, product, song or film to the world. I never gave it much thought to reach out to interior decorators as a source of income from my art, for example. I will now.

Multiply: Once income begins to flow in, double your efforts to provide more of the same art, music, product, coaching, or service to your very loyal fans and clients.

Go be successful!