“Shimmering Solitude,” 6×6, oil

Shimmering Solitude, 6×6, oil

All finished.

“Shimmering Solitude.” Here is a better picture since the paint is dry to the touch. It’s also available. Just drop me a note if you are interested in buying it. If you would rather buy a print, click here. Thanks for reading!

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Painting “Shimmering Solitude,” step 7

Step 7

Shimmering Solitude, 6x6, oil on canvasPainting “Shimmering Solitude,” step 7: I slowly worked up the reflections, and enhanced all areas of the painting a bit. It’s done! I’ll upload a much better picture once the paint dries a bit more. I just wanted to make sure I completed this step-by-step series.

It’s also available. Just drop me a note if you are interested. Thanks for reading!

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Painting “Shimmering Solitude,” step 6

Step 6

Oil Painting WIP, Shimmering Solitude, artist Michael BrughPainting “Shimmering Solitude,” step 6: I accentuated the darks, and I have begun defining the bow by adding some contrast in the harbor. Keeping it loose, I dabble some general shapes into the horizon below the skyline. Next, I will get serious about the reflections (one of my favorite subjects to paint).

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Painting “Shimmering Solitude,” step 2-5

Step 2

Painting “Shimmering Solitude,” step 2: I’ve added a light wash of cadmium yellow, mixed with a small amount of cadmium red tones the painting. I will follow it up by lightening the sky next.

Step 3
Step 3

Step 3 of my painting “Shimmering Solitude.” I have added a bit of light to the sky and the water reflection, using Permalba white.

Step 4

Step 4, “Shimmering Solitude.” Working in a few details, I’ve mixed up some gray using pthalo blue along with cadmium orange, and now, adding more detail to the sides and shadows.


Step 5

Step 5, “Shimmering Solitude.” Working in some color, I place cadmium red along the superstructure, and deepen some of the shadows.

Of course, the color selection is totally arbitrary; the original had a slightly different color scheme. Artistic license, you know. 🙂

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Painting “Shimmering Solitude,” step 1

Shimmering Solitude, 6x6, sketch
My new 6×6 painting, “Shimmering Solitude,” begins as a sketch on canvas.

Step 1

This is the initial sketch on a 6-inch by 6-inch canvas. I decided to use the grid method to place the commercial boat on the 6 inch by 6 inch canvas.

The painting will depict a working boat, docked at the end of the day after a productive day on the job, providing jobs and food for their families and customers.

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The wonder of eternity

Paintsville Lake
Paintsville (Ky.) Lake

I gaze at God’s creation, the setting sun, the billowing clouds, and I start to believe that what I am seeing will never vanish. Always has been there, always will be there. My soul settles down deep into introspection, and travels even deeper into the wonder of eternity.

Then I realize that, as majestic as this scene is, it is nothing compared to what God is. What His eternal being represents. What He has in store for us throughout eternity.

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"Sunset Rest," 6x6, oil. Part of a series of seascape/waterfront paintings I am developing. Michael Brugh, artist.
“Sunset Rest,” 6×6, oil. Part of a series of seascape/waterfront paintings I am developing.

Do you have wall space that is begging you to fill it? Then I have a solution for you! I am pleased to announce my latest oil painting, “Sunset Rest.” It is a mere 6″ x 6.” Click here to purchase it. I will throw in a free pencil sketch as my way of saying thank you!

I have recently discounted this painting, so there is no better time than now to own the first in a series of sea and seashore-related paintings in this smaller format.

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On the drawing board: Freda (update 6)

Michael Brugh's graphite drawing of Freda the cat, update number 6.
The blinds are now finished, and the shadows are developed on the window frame at the right. The illustration board I am using is helping to create its own texture.

Sorry I neglected to give you some attention on the blog, Freda. 🙂
Although I like the texture that my illustration board is producing, I am interested in using another paper texture for my next graphite drawing. J. D. Hilberry recommends Arches 140-lb. hot press watercolor paper. He says to use the reverse side of the watermark.

Daily Sketch (4-4-0 Steam Locomotive) update 5 (Finished!)

Michael Brugh artist. 1860s steam locomotive
My fifth and final update of my sketch of an 1860s-era steam locomotive, 4-4-0 configuration. © 2015 Michael Brugh

My fifth and final update of my drawing of an 1860s-era steam locomotive, 4-4-0 configuration. I am excited that a revival of sorts has been taking place in restoring some of these workhorses of our country’s past. The Leviathan, number 63, is one of these projects I have been following. In fact, I modeled this drawing after it.
David H. Kloke has lovingly created this locomotive over a 10-year period. From his website:

Of David’s many accomplishments through the years, the Leviathan63 is his pride and joy. His “hobby” took him 10 years to create and it “WOWS” everyone who sees and hears it. The Leviathan63 is truly a beautiful sight!

With the help of many a non-profit organization has been created named Historic Railroad Equipment Assoc. Through donations he hopes to rebuild and replicate several historic railroad equipment for educational purposes. He can make this possible with donations from people like you.

Here is video of no. 63, the Leviathan:

What a curious cat (New eBay painting)

Blackie the cat. 5x7. Mixed media (watercolor, graphite, colored pencil).
Blackie the cat, 5×7, mixed media. Want this painting? Go to eBay and bid now! Bidding starts at 1 cent!

Cats are the most curious creatures, aren’t they? Any little noise or movement, and they pop up from an absolute sound nap and spring into action!

That’s what I wanted to depict in “Blackie.” This photo is almost a clone of the cat we used to have, and his expression reminded me of this cat. I painted him on steps, as though he is pondering whether or not it is worth his while to venture further downstairs!

This is a 5″ by 7″ mixed-media painting. if you like it, it is available on eBay now. Bidding begins at only 1 penny!