“Blackie,” step 3 (fur)

Step 3

Sorry for the slightly out-of-focus photo. (Note to self: buy a decent SLR ASAP!)

Fur is coming along, but I am thinking that the bottom portion of the painting needs a little something. Drama, darkening? Tune in to step 4.


“Blackie,” step 2 (background)

Step 2

I got so caught up in mixing and painting that I finished the background before I remembered to take in-progress photos! Oh well, I am glad I snapped this pic, before I started on the fur. 🙂


“Blackie,” step 1

Step 1

I chose this reference photo because it reminded me of our sweet cat Blackie. The contrast between the background and the fur intrigued me, as well. I decided to simplify the background by removing the railing in my sketch.


A Cat Lover’s calendar, for 2016


Face it, our precious cats are more companions than pets to us! They provide love, joy and friendship throughout our time as their cat guardians. This beautiful 12-month 2016 calendar features contented (maybe even a little spoiled) cats, and a portion of all proceeds will be donated to Alley Cat Allies, and a Jackson County, Mississippi animal foster and rescue group.

Source: http://www.zazzle.com/cat_lovers_2016_monthly_calendar-158398772373892233?

On the drawing board: Freda (update 6)

Michael Brugh's graphite drawing of Freda the cat, update number 6.

The blinds are now finished, and the shadows are developed on the window frame at the right. The illustration board I am using is helping to create its own texture.

Sorry I neglected to give you some attention on the blog, Freda. 🙂
Although I like the texture that my illustration board is producing, I am interested in using another paper texture for my next graphite drawing. J. D. Hilberry recommends Arches 140-lb. hot press watercolor paper. He says to use the reverse side of the watermark.

What a curious cat (New eBay painting)

Blackie the cat. 5x7. Mixed media (watercolor, graphite, colored pencil).

Blackie the cat, 5×7, mixed media. Want this painting? Go to eBay and bid now! Bidding starts at 1 cent!

Cats are the most curious creatures, aren’t they? Any little noise or movement, and they pop up from an absolute sound nap and spring into action!

That’s what I wanted to depict in “Blackie.” This photo is almost a clone of the cat we used to have, and his expression reminded me of this cat. I painted him on steps, as though he is pondering whether or not it is worth his while to venture further downstairs!

This is a 5″ by 7″ mixed-media painting. if you like it, it is available on eBay now. Bidding begins at only 1 penny!

On the drawing board: Freda (update 5)

Michael Brugh's graphite drawing update number 5, of the cat Freda, using a General 9xxb pencil.

Freda’s coat is deepened by using a layer or two of a Kimberly 9xxb graphite pencil . I discovered the technique when I was looking for a way to create more contrast, and reduce the “shine” that regular graphite pencils make on paper. J. D. Hillberry suggested this pencil as a way to remedy that.

Freda's coat is starting to come together now. I start to show the dramatic lighting by beginning work on the blinds, plus her shadow. She is relieved to actually have a place to sit now!

On the drawing board: Freda (update 4)

Graphite drawing of Michael Brugh.

Update number 4. I lightly filled out the rest of her fur, and began defining the window sill.

Freda now has a complete coat, except for the fact that it is a bit light. I'll accent that more later. At this point, I wanted to start to tie in the background to her, so I started building up the window sill with a combination of an HB woodless pencil and a 2H.