Painting “Sleepyhead,” step 5 (developing fur)

3 Aug
(Note: Did you miss Steps 1-4? Search for “Sleepyhead!”) Step 5 Tackling the chin, shadows. I need to work on the shadow between the paws a bit more, but I am starting to see a nice contrast forming to the...
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Painting “Sleepyhead,” step 4 (enhancing fur)

24 Jun
(Note: Did you miss Steps 1-3? Search for “Sleepyhead!”) Step 4 I’ve let the painting dry a bit, so that I can utilize the “fat over lean” method of applying paint. Moving away from ultramarine blue for a short time,...
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Painting “Sleepyhead,” step 3 (fur beginnings)

31 May
(Note: Did you miss Steps 1-2? Search for “Sleepyhead!”) Step 3 Keeping the warm color scheme, I’ve moved on to the fur. Again, using a tiny bit of Ultramarine Blue and Cadmium Orange (I combine cadmium Yellow and Cadmium Red...
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