Painting “Shimmering Solitude,” step 6

10 Nov
Step 6 Painting “Shimmering Solitude,” step 6: I accentuated the darks, and I have begun defining the bow by adding some contrast in the harbor. Keeping it loose, I dabble some general shapes into the horizon below the skyline. Next,...
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Painting “Shimmering Solitude,” step 2-5

5 Nov
Step 2 Painting “Shimmering Solitude,” step 2: I’ve added a light wash of cadmium yellow, mixed with a small amount of cadmium red tones the painting. I will follow it up by lightening the sky next. Step 3 Step 3...
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Painting “Shimmering Solitude,” step 1

22 Oct
Step 1 This is the initial sketch on a 6-inch by 6-inch canvas. I decided to use the grid method to place the commercial boat on the 6 inch by 6 inch canvas. The painting will depict a working boat,...
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Three creativity challenges to improve your art

12 Mar
Try freshening up your paintings and painting habits with these tips from artist Keiko Yasouka, courtesy of Cheri Haas, Online Editor of the Artist’s Network. Three Creativity Challenges to Improve Your Art  Keiko Yasuoka’s paintings take you to many places....
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