The Art of Michael Brugh

Michael Brugh

My art is inspired by both God’s creations and man’s inventions from His creation (landscapes, cityscapes, animals, portraits of people, etc).

Media? Oil, graphite and colored pencil.

I’m currently accepting applications for anyone who is interested in helping me with homework for an Art Marketing Class. I would like to have a brief conversation with you to learn about your favorite joyful moment. Then I will create a unique painting specifically for you! You are not obligated to purchase the drawing or painting. I just ask you to agree to give me honest feedback about the work and the process!

Use the form below and schedule a chat with me. I look forward to hearing from you!

My Mission:

Too often, people live their lives shy, scared, and afraid of making a mistake. As a result, they become unhappy, fearful, or depressed, and miss out on finding their own joy and inspiration. I want to reflect a Christian perspective on life that brings joy, peace, and a sense of wonder that is inspired by the beauty of God’s creations through the talent He’s given me through my art!

Ask me why this is my mission.


I believe that putting off decisions can prevent you from taking bold, decisive action, today, to have a better life, one filled with joy, peace and happiness, and a life that counts!

Life is too short to dwell on the ugliness of life. I want to reflect a perspective on life that brings joy, peace, a sense of wonder, and inspires you to a grateful heart toward God, and the beauty of His creation, His nature, and His love and care for every human being.
At the same time, I’ve been prompted to stop and smell the roses, as the old saying goes. Recent events in my life have re-taught me the lesson that life is extremely precious, and so many times we overlook beauty and peace that are right in front of us.
My desire is to help you take that bold, decisive action, and live with joy and inspiration and wonder in every moment. I want to help you bring out your joy and happiness through my expression of beautiful, inspiring works of art. Or even bring that joy back. It’s not too late!
It would be a privilege to use my God-given talent to inspire you to find your joy through one of my works of art.

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