Three creativity challenges to improve your art

12 Mar
Try freshening up your paintings and painting habits with these tips from artist Keiko Yasouka, courtesy of Cheri Haas, Online Editor of the Artist’s Network. Three Creativity Challenges to Improve Your Art  Keiko Yasuoka’s paintings take you to many places....
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Artists, Don’t Give Up

23 Jan
We artists go through periods of self-doubt and discouragement, especially when it seems nobody wants to purchase our art. We all know admirers who tell us that our work is very good (but they wouldn’t dare buy anything from us!)....
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Do Art Organizations Matter Anymore?

21 Sep
Photo Credit: Portland Development Commission via Compfight cc Mark Edward Adams has an interesting take on whether or not art organizations have fallen behind the times in the age of Twitter and FB. I like his suggestions on how they...
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Which art gallery is right for me?

4 Sep
Choosing the right gallery to represent your art can be an exhaustive, time-consuming experience, but one that pays dividends in the end. Here are tips from gallery owners to help you navigate the gallery waters: Art Gallery Representation: Some factors...
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Morning vs. evening light

15 Aug
I enjoy the long shadows of both morning and evening. I know that some artists like to paint the cool yellows of morning, but I am leaning more toward Charles Sovek’s preference of evening light. His point? Warm afternoon sunlight...
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12 Jun
My Creator has graciously give me the ability to place colors and shapes together, on canvas, in a sort of harmony. The subjects for paintings are countless, as the time to paint them all is not. I need to get...
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